Prevest Model is a way forward in 3D printing more accurate and highly precise model base and dies with easy fitting and easy attachment of crowns and bridges. The material is developed with high flexural strength and more heat resistance. The material is ideal for prosthodontic and orthodontic models where high precision is required. The material is designed to print at 50 micron & 100 micron using LCD/DLP/SLAprinters. Available in Grey Colour


It is used for fabrication of 3D crown and bridge models, orthodontic models, diagnostic models and implant analog models.


  • High Flexural strength and modulus
  • Fast printing speed
  • Easy to separate from thermoforming materials
  • Color contrast models for maximum visibility of small details


Methacrylates, Photo-initiator, Inhibitor and Pigment.

Technical data

1. Flexural Strength >125 MPa 2. Flexural Modulus >3.0 Gpa ASTM D790-15 (Method-B) Viscosity: 500 - 600 mPa.s Heat stability upto 130 C


Ref : 18001 : 1 x 500g Bottle Ref : 18002 : 1 x 1000g Bottle