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Prevest Research Institute, a research center of excellence was established in 2020 under the aegis of Prevest DenPro Limited.

Our center of excellence is devoted to all aspects of oral health and provides key insights for dental professionals, researchers, and policymakers by promoting the timely transfer of knowledge gained from research and its implications for health

Improving oral, dental and craniofacial health

Our mission is to improve oral, dental and craniofacial health by supporting basic and clinical research, Conducting and funding research training, encouraging collaborative research activities among all sectors of the research community.

What makes our
research institute unique

The Institute maintains its key competency in testing dental biomaterials and promotes activity with researchers, academic institutions, universities, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies.


The research focus is clinically oriented and is directed towards the discovery of dental biomaterials, physical and chemical characterization, clinical evaluation, clinical investigation, and the safety of patients.

We are in the process of strengthening our research and development abilities by developing an advanced R&D Centre with state-of-the-art research facilities catering to all sections of the dental fraternity.

Research Ideas are generated from academicians, clinicians, students, faculty, and individuals working in fields outside of dentistry.

The Institute works in close collaboration with reputed dental universities & institutions to exchange technical knowledge and conduct training & research on dental materials.

Academic institutes of national and international repute have been closely working with Prevest Research Institute in a mission to advance oral research and develop innovative biomaterials for the future.