Surgical Guide


Prevest Surgical Guide is a high precise and more accurate 3D printing material used for fabrication of templates for implant surgery. The material is biocompatible and fulfills Class I requirements. The high accuracy in printing enables easy pilot drilling after printing. The material is designed to print at 50 micron & 100 micron using LCD/DLP/SLA printers.


It is a photopolymer resin used for 3D printing dental surgical guides to aid in dental implant placement procedure.


  • Autoclavable
  • Easy chemical disinfection
  • Fast printing
  • Clear and nice aesthetic appearance
  • High flexural strength


Methacrylates, Photo-initiator, Inhibitor and Pigment.

Technical data

1. Flexural Strength >110 Mpa 2. Flexural Modulus >2.5 GPa ASTM D790-15 (Method-B) Viscosity 310 - 380 mPa.s


Ref : 18003 : 1 x 500g Bottle Ref : 18004 : 1 x 1000g Bottle