Orafil LC

Light Cured, Temporary Filling Material

Orafil-LC is a light-curing material for temporary filling and sealing. The elastic consistency assures an easy removal, even in case of undercuts, and finishing the cavity is not necessary. Thus the fitting of the temporary filling will be improved. Orafil-LC is available in syringes for direct application into the cavity.


  • All kinds of temporary fillings, temporary protection of inlays / onlays restorations
  • Implant screw access temporaries
  • Emergency repair of lost fillings and fractured teeth

Product Benefits

  • Quick and easy removal-can be removed in one piece-thus leave the cavity clean upon removal
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Durable and tight marginal seal
  • Non eugenol composition
  • Suitable for long term temporaries


Product Packaging

1 X 3g Syringe Instruction Manual