Best Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer: Cerafil RCS

Best Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer: Cerafil RCS

best bioceramic root canal sealer


Cerafil RCS Product Description: Cerafill RCS root canal filling and sealing material is a ready to use injectable premixed filling and sealing material which is based on the bioceramic technology. It is a alumina free calcium silicate based material with excellent handling characteristics and superior physical properties. It is a radiopaque material which requires water to set and harden.

Cerafil RCS Composition:

Calcium Silicates, Calcium Phosphates, Zirconium Oxide, Calcium Sulphate, Fillers, Accelerators and
thickening agents.

Intended use: It is used as a root canal sealer for permanent filling of root canals.

Cerafil RCS Indications for use:

1. Permanent obturation / filling of root canals.
2. As a root canal sealer for teeth of the secondary dentition in combination with root canal points. (suitable
for single cone and lateral condensation).

How to use Cerafil RCS/Instructions for use:

The cement requires no mixing as it is supplied as a premixed paste in a preloaded syringe with disposable
intracanal delivery tips. Prior to the application of the material, the prepared root canal should be dried using
a paper point. Avoid over drying as the sealer needs moisture to completely set and harden. The dispensed material shall not be placed back in container and the dose once applied and used shall not be reused.

1.Sealer technique:

A. Conventional method :
The sealer can be dispensed from the syringe on a mixing pad and delivered to the root canal space by
carrying it with a gutta-purcha point or an endodontic instrument.

B. Tip delivery technique :
Remove the syringe cap and attach the intracanal delivery tip. Insert the tip into the coronal third of the root
canal space and smoothly dispense a small amount of material by compressing the syringe plunger. Coat
the walls of the canals evenly using a #15 endodontic file or a gutta-purcha point. In case of lateral
condensation place additional gutta-purcha points coated with the sealer.
After obturation the gutta-purcha is cut at the orifice using a heat source. Excess sealer in the root canal
chamber should be wiped off using a cotton balls or swabs.

2. Filling technique :
The material can also be used for filling the root canal space independently. In that case, proper care should
be taken to prevent extrusion of material. An apical limiting barrier and is strongly advised in such cases.

Cerafil RCS Warnings:

a. The sealer which may cause sensitization in susceptible people. Do not use Cerafill RCS in people
allergic to calcium silicates or any other components of this product.
b. Avoid eye contact to prevent irritation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water
and seek medical attention. Avoid skin contact to prevent possible allergic response. Unset material may
cause irritation and therefore contact with skin and mucous membrane should be avoided. In case of
contact, immediately remove material with cotton and wash thoroughly with water and soap. In case of skin
sensitization or rash, discontinue the use and seek medical attention.
c. Do not swallow or take internally. If accidental swallowing occurs, drink lot of water. If nausea or illness
develops, seek medical attention.

*Avoid overfilling. When overfilling occurs, the material is usually tolerated very well by the surrounding
tissue. The material should be immediately removed in cases of extrusion in to the mandibular canal.

Cerafil RCS Precautions:

1. This product is intended to be used as specifically outlined in the Instructions for use. Any use of this
product inconsistent with the Instructions for use is at the discretion and sole responsibility of the

2. Wear suitable protective clothing, eyewear, and gloves.

3. The solubility and essentially basic nature of Cerafill RCS composition requires that it is used only in
situations where it can be protected adequately from the intraoral environment.

4. To achieve good results, use of a rubber dam or adequate isolation is recommended.

5. Exposure to moisture and elevated temperature will affect the setting time and working time as well as the
consistency of the material.

6. Syringe should be closed with the cap after use to avoid the moisture contamination.

Cerafil RCS Contraindications:

Hypersensitivity against calcium silicates or other components of the root canal filling material.

Cerafil RCS Storage Conditions:

This product should be used at room temperature. Contact with water should be strictly avoided. Inadequate
storage conditions could shorten shelf life and product performance. We recommend to store at
temperature between 10°C (50°F) and 24°C (75°F) and keep syringe cap tightly closed.

Cerafil RCS Shelf life:

3 years from the date of manufacturing.

Cerafil RCS Disposal conditions:

To be disposed off based on the prevailing rules of the country in which it is used.

Cerafil RCS FAQ's

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