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Best 3D Resin for Burn Out | Prevest Burn Out

Best 3D Resin for Burn Out

Prevest Burn Out 3D Resin material is an easy burnout material for printing cast crowns, bridges, and
frameworks of all kinds. The printed material can be burned out without leaving any residue. The speciality of
material is accurate fitting with smooth production sequence and reproducible results. The material is designed to print at 50 micron and 100 micron using LCD/DLP& SLA printers.

Available in Red color.

Presentation: Ref : 18011 : 1 x 500g Bottle
Ref : 18012 : 1 x 1000g Bottle

Prevest Surgical Guide Indications:It is used for 3D printing of burn out frames in Casting of partial dentures, crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers.

Prevest Surgical Guide Benefits:  

1) Easy to work and accurate

2) Suitable for casting copings, substructures,
crowns, and more

3) Burns clean with no residue left after burnout

Prevest Surgical Guide Chemistry:Functional (Meth)acrylic resins, Photoinitiators and Pigments.

Prevest Surgical Guide Technical Data:

1 ) Flexural Strength    > 60 MPa

2 ) Flexural Modulus    > 1500 MPa

Residual Ash Content  <0.1%

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