Self Comp

Self Curing / Chemical Curing Two Component Nano Hybrid Composite

Fusion Self Comp is a self-cured micro fine hybrid composite with high filler loading(filler content > 80%) which imparts high compressive strength to the material. The micro fine hybrid structure offers high abrasive resistance and superior resistance to micro fine masticatory impact. The robust structure offers exemplary mechanical properties with minimal shrinkage.


  • As direct filling material in small class-I cavities with high C-factor
  • As a base increment in deep cavities utilizing direct polymerization technique
  • As a core build up material
  • Pre and post endodontic restorations

Product Benefits

  • High compressive and tensile strengths
  • High polishability
  • Superior abrasive resistance
  • High degree of conversion
  • Superior marginal adaptability

Product Packaging

Kit Packing:

  • 1 x 14g Base Paste in Jar, 1 x 14g Catalyst Paste in Jar, 1 x Mixing Spatula, 1 x Mixing Pad, Instruction Manual